Gaia Essentials Certified Organic!

Gaia SignDebby Icide tends to keep a low profile, just staying in her studio working away at the stovetop.  However, Gaia Essentials did just celebrated its 10 year anniversary last month. And, Debby decided to head down the fortuitous path of getting 3rd party certified organic accreditation with CCoF/USDA. Here is her latest emailer about it:  which makes Gaia one of the very few skincare producers able to legally claim and stamp their products certified organic in CA .Congratulations Debby, you have done a magnificent job in the last 10 years.  And, Debby is a member of our ecotourism program to boot.  For more information on her products, visit  to see all her fabulous products!!


One response to “Gaia Essentials Certified Organic!

  1. I use Debbie’s care products daily and have for years. She is extremely knowledgeable and I love the results. So grateful to have her as a member of our community.

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