James Rollins at Bay Book Company on Friday, August 26th at 7:00 PM.

Every so often Bay Book is pleased and honored to welcome back an author who has previously visited their store and local fans and readers. This is certainly the case with their upcoming event. Widely recognized as one of the best adventure and suspense novelists working today, James Rollins is at the peak of his career. His novels are highly anticipated, and meet with universal acclaim from both readers and reviewers, not to mention his fellow authors. For those of you unfamiliar with James Rollins’ work, he most often takes a historical puzzle or enigma and blends it with cutting-edge modern science and non-stop pacing, resulting in an un-putdownable page-turner that is just flat-out fun to read! He is one of our absolute favorite authors, a long-time Northern California resident, a joy to listen to, and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet! As always, coffee and refreshments will be served. Jim Rollins will speak briefly, then entertain your questions in a short Q&A session before he begins autographing books and meeting his local fans individually.


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